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Since 2006, Travel Medical Seminars has been providing continuing medical education (CME) courses and seminars to busy medical professionals interested in earning CME credits at the place and time most convenient for them. Many of our clients earn CME credits while on vacation, during cruises, during business travels, or simply from the convenience of their own homes.

Our Continuing Medical Education programs allow you to decide where and when you want to take your CME.

With our Audio-Digest self-study multimedia continuing medical education programs you can learn at your own pace, anywhere you choose. There’s no reason to be tied to one location and sit through hours of lectures while your family waits for you. Now you can study on your own time, and get the detailed knowledge you need for your continuing medical education.

Top-quality CME programs. Guaranteed.

Our audio learning programs augment your practice, arming you with an arsenal of CME knowledge. These audio programs are produced by Audio Digest, who for nearly five decades, has demonstrated its commitment to the latest advances in the medical profession. When Sir Alexander Fleming spoke about the discovery of penicillin, Audio-Digest representatives were there, just as they are today, recording the major medical meetings, conferences, seminars, and postgraduate courses held each year. The result is thousands of hours of continuing medical education programming precisely tailored for your specialty. You can be confident that you are buying from a well-respected source of CME materials.

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