Topics in Emergency Medicine Full Course (20 AMA PRA – Category 1 CME)


This 20 unit course is consistent with a course of up to 10 days duration and includes 10 CDs and accompanying detailed written summaries on the material discussed by the lecture on each CD.

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Course Description

Critical Care Literature/Patients with a Tracheostomy
Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (4/7/23)
Best of Emergency Medicine Critical Care Literature – James Paxton, MD, MBA
Assessing and Managing Emergencies in Patients with a Permanent Tracheostomy – Seth Krupp, MD

Opioids and COVID/Hyperbaric Oxygen
Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (3/21/23)
Opioids and COVID: The Epidemic Within the Pandemic – Ryan A. Stanton, MD
Applications of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Anthony T. Lagina III, MD

Toxidromes/Hemorrhagic Shock
Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (3/7/23)
Toxidromes – Kathleen J. Clem, MD
Hemorrhagic Shock in Medical Cases – Harman S. Gill, MD

Leadership/Lactic Acidosis/Patient Transfers
Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (2/21/23)
Roles of Administration Leadership in Challenging Situations – Michael T. Lynch, MD, MBA
Lactic Acidosis in Patients Found Unconscious – Elizabeth N. Malik, DO
Risk Management for Patient Transfers – Julie Vieth, MD

Cardiac Care
Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (2/7/23)
New Guidelines for the Management of Heart Failure – Steven M. Hollenberg, MD
Cardiac Arrest: Termination of Resuscitative Efforts – Robert A. Swor, DO

Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (1/21/23)
Contemporary Hemodynamic Monitoring and Endpoints in Trauma Resuscitation – Christopher P. Michetti, MD
Realistic Tips to Avoid Malpractice – Joseph P. Wood, MD, JD
Resiliency and Coping Among Health Care Professionals – Alison Wilson, MD

Posterior Circulation Stroke/Initial Evaluation for Trauma
Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (1/7/23)
Identifying Posterior Circulation Stroke – Peter D. Panagos, MD
Initial Evaluation of the Patient Presenting with Trauma – Walter L. Biffl, MD

Headache/Cerebrovascular Injury
Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (12/21/22)
Evaluation of Headache in the Emergency Department During the COVID Era – Edward Sloan, MD, MPH
Blunt Cerebrovascular Injuries – Walter L. Biffl, MD

Sickle Cell Disease/Bariatric Complications/Hospital Evacuations
Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (12/7/22)
Sickle Cell Disease – M. Tyson Pillow, MD, MEd
Bariatric Surgery Complications in the Emergency Department – Bruce Lo, MD, MBA
Successful Hospital Evacuations – Stephen L. Barnes, MD

Reversing Anticoagulants/Psychoactive Therapeutics
Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (11/21/22)
The Art and Science of Anticoagulant Reversal – Nancy M. Dunbar, MD, PHD
An Update on Psychoactive Therapeutic Agents – Rachel Pearl, MD



EM 39:22-24 (40)1-7

Cancellation Policy

A course may be cancelled up to 7 days before the seminar is scheduled to take place. Once we recieve back the seminar material we will refund your tuition, minus a $50 administrative fee, to your credit card.

COURSE MATERIALS CANNOT BE REISSUED. Keep your original course materials and photocopies of your test forms until you have received full credit and documentation from TMS. Replacement test forms will be provided at a charge of $15 per test form. No exceptions.

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