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  • Topics in Ophthalmology Full Course (20 CME)

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    Iodine-Based Antiseptics/Ocular Lymphoma/Associations Between AMD and Other Health Conditions
    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology (9/7/23)
    Iodine-Based Antiseptics and Hypersensitivity Reactions – William G. Myers, MD
    Detection and Management of Ocular Lymphoma – Michael J. Heiferman, MD
    Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Cerebrovascular Disease, and Dementia: Identifying the Associations – Michael W. Stewart, MD

    Traumatic Optic Neuropathy/Key Concepts in Pain
    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology (8/21/23)
    Traumatic Optic Neuropathy – Neil R. Miller, MD
    Key Concepts in Pain – Naeem Haider, MD

    Glaucoma Management/Managing the Refractive Miss/SCUBA Diving and the Eye/Surgical Decision Making
    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology (8/7/23)
    Glaucoma Management: Pulling It All Together – Robert L. Stamper, MD
    How to Manage a Refractive Miss Following Refractive Cataract Surgery – Marjan Farid, MD
    SCUBA Diving and the Eye – Michael W. Stewart, MD
    Surgical Decision-Making in the Patient with Glaucoma – Kuldev Singh, MD, MPH

    Lasers and Glaucoma/Macular Diseases/Geographic Atrophy and Wet AMD/PCR and Next-Gen Sequencing
    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology (7/21/23)
    Laser Treatment Options for Glaucoma – Terri-Diann Pickering, MD
    Myopia-Related Macular Diseases: Treatment and Outcomes – Mathew W. MacCumber, MD, PhD
    New Treatment Options for Geographic Atrophy and Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) – Jennifer I. Lim, MD
    When to Use Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Next-Generation Sequencing – Pooja Bhat, MD

    Retinopathy of Prematurity/Diabetic Macular Edema/Ocular Melanoma/IOLs for Presbyopia
    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology (7/7/23)
    New International Classification of Retinopathy of Prematurity – R. V. Paul Chan, MD, MSc, MBA
    Do Treatment Outcomes Differ Based on Initial Drug Selection for Diabetic Macular Edema? – Jennifer I. Lim, MD
    Ocular and Periocular Melanoma – Geva E. Mannor, MD, MPH
    Pearls for Managing the Unhappy Presbyopic Intraocular Lens Patient – Tal Raviv, MD

    Monoclonal Antibodies/Amblyopia and Myopia
    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology (6/21/23)
    Monoclonal Antibodies in the Management of Migraines – Stewart Tepper, MD
    Amblyopia and Myopia in Children – Donny Suh, MD

    HLA-B27 Associated Disease/Cortical Visual Disorders/Thyroid Eye Disease/Intraocular Lens Selection
    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology (6/7/23)
    HLA-B27 Associated Disease – Maura Di Nicola, MD
    Higher Cortical Visual Disorders – Nailyn Rasool, MD
    Advances in the Management of Thyroid Eye Disease – Fatemeh Rajaii, MD, PhD
    How and When to Use the Latest Intraocular Lenses – Shan Lin, MD

    Intraocular Lens Selection/Epithelial Dystrophies and Degenerations
    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology (5/21/23)
    Intraocular Lens Selection in Irregular Corneas – Marjan Farid, MD
    Epithelial Dystrophies and Degenerations – Wuqass M. Munir, MD

    Home Tonometry/Hypotension and Glaucoma/Nonhealing Cornea/Marijuana and Glaucoma
    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology (5/7/23)
    An Overview of Home Tonometry – Robert L. Stamper, MD
    Hypotension and Glaucoma: The Second Modifiable Risk Factor – Ruth D. Williams, MD
    Management of the Nonhealing Cornea – Marjan Farid, MD
    Marijuana and Glaucoma – Sunita Radhakrishnan, MD
    Ischemic Optic Neuropathies/Ophthalmic Trauma
    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology (4/21/23)
    Ischemic Optic Neuropathies: Classification, Diagnosis, and Management – Neil R. Miller, MD
    Pearls from the International Symposium on Wartime Ophthalmic Trauma – Stuart R. Seiff, MD


  • Topics in Ophthalmology Short Course (10 AMA PRA – Category 1 CME)

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    Course Description
    Health Literacy in Surgery
    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology (12/21/23)
    Health Literacy in Surgery – Daniel I. Chu, MD, MSPH
    Preoperative Workup for Eye Surgery/Mitochondrial Diseases and the Eye
    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology (12/7/23)
    Preoperative Workup for Eye Surgery – Maggie A. Jeffries, MD
    Mitochondrial Diseases and the Eye – Hilary J. Vernon, MD, PhD
    Opioid Prescribing/Retinal Imaging in Alzheimer Disease/Eye Surgery in Deprived Areas Abroad
    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology (11/21/23)
    Opioids: Updated Prescribing Guidelines and Laws – Hannah R. Denham, PharmD
    Retinal Imaging in Alzheimer Disease – Amani A. Fawzi, MD
    Eye Surgery in Deprived Areas Abroad – Asa Morton, MD
    Pediatric Ophthalmology Updates/The Opioid Ecosystem
    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology (11/7/23)
    Myopia and Vision Screening in Pediatric Patients – Leah Reznick, MD
    The Opioid Ecosystem – Myron Yaster, MD
    Eye Emergencies/Migraine Headaches
    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology (10/21/23)
    Pediatric Eye Emergencies – Donny Suh, MD
    An Update on Migraine Headaches in Children – Eric Hastriter, MD

     (OP) 61:20-24

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