• Topics in Trauma Short Course (12 AMA PRA – Category 1 CME)

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    Trauma Update: Triage/REBOA/Resuscitation/Space Medicine
    Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (10/21/22)
    Triage and Care of the Trauma Patient in COVID-19 – Jan Shoenberger, MD
    REBOA: More Than Just a Tool for Trauma – Megan Brenner, MD, MS
    Advances in Resuscitative Care – Matthew Martin, MD
    Preparing for Space Flight Launch and Landing Medical Emergencies – Philip C. Stepaniak, MD

    Altitude Illness/Hypothermia/Frostbite
    Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (10/7/22)
    Altitude Illness – David S. Bullard, MD, MEd
    Hypothermia and Frostbite Management – David S. Bullard, MD, MEd
    Frostbite: Use of Tissue Plasminogen Activator – Johndavid M. Storn, MD

    Trauma Critical Care
    Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (7/21/22)
    Prophylaxis Against Deep Venous Thrombosis in Traumatic Injury – Martin A. Schreiber, MD
    Use and Misuse of Vasopressors – Mark J. Kaplan, MD
    Has Technology Replaced the Physical Exam? – Jamie J. Coleman, MD
    Severe Hepatic Injury – Elizabeth R. Benjamin, MD, PhD

    Disaster Medicine
    Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (7/7/22)
    Massive Transfusions – Deborah M. Stein, MD
    Maintaining Staff Resiliency in the Setting of Multicasualty Incidents – Elizabeth R. Benjamin, MD, PhD
    A Surgeon’s Top 10 Requests for Disaster Preparedness – David Zonies, MD
    Handling Mass Burn Casualties – Sydney Vail, MD

    Drowning/Trauma Legislation
    Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (1/22/22)
    Drowning – Scott Votey, MD
    Getting Legislators to Make Trauma a Priority – Martin Schreiber, MD

    Pelvic Fractures/Time Management/Sedation/Palliative Care
    Audio-Digest General Surgery (8/21/22)
    Management of Pelvic Fractures – Todd Costantini, MD
    Iatrogenic Time Management Issues – Alan Tyroch, MD
    Sedation in the Intensive Care Unit – Chadwick P. Smith, MD
    Death, Dying, and Palliative Care in the Intensive Care Unit – Melissa Red Hoffman, MD, ND


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