• Topics in Trauma Short Course (10 AMA PRA – Category 1 CME)

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    Highlights from the 17th Annual International San Francisco Orthopaedic Trauma Course
    Audio-Digest Orthopaedics
    Volume 46, Issue 18 (9/21/23)

    Clinical Innovation: Open-Minded Thinking to Improve Patient Care – Christian Krettek, MD
    Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Injuries: Diagnosing Instability – David Gendelberg, MD

    Trauma Update 2023
    Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (7/21/23)
    All-Terrain Vehicle Injuries – Shannon W. Longshore, MD
    Interaction with Law Enforcement in the Trauma Bay – Leah Tatebe, MD
    Rhabdomyolysis – Andrew M. Namespetra, MD

    Imaging for Blunt Abdominal Trauma/Peripheral Arterial Injuries/Updates in Critical Care
    Audio-Digest General Surgery (3/7/23)
    Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma vs Computed Tomography for Blunt Abdominal Trauma – Jennifer T. Cone, MD, MHS
    Peripheral Arterial Injuries – Jennifer T. Cone, MD, MHS
    Intravenous Fluid Administration in the Intensive Care Unit – Jason W. Smith, MD, PhD
    Intensive Care Unit Delirium – Alan H. Tyroch, MD

    Trauma Update: Triage/REBOA/Resuscitation/Space Medicine
    Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (10/21/22)
    Triage and Care of the Trauma Patient in COVID-19 – Jan Shoenberger, MD
    REBOA: More Than Just a Tool for Trauma – Megan Brenner, MD, MS
    Advances in Resuscitative Care – Matthew Martin, MD
    Preparing for Space Flight Launch and Landing Medical Emergencies – Philip C. Stepaniak, MD

    Altitude Illness/Hypothermia/Frostbite
    Audio-Digest Emergency Medicine (10/7/22)
    Altitude Illness – David S. Bullard, MD, MEd
    Hypothermia and Frostbite Management – David S. Bullard, MD, MEd
    Frostbite: Use of Tissue Plasminogen Activator – Johndavid M. Storn, MD



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